1.  Not fully understanding Landlord & Fair Housing Laws in TN.
  • These laws change all the time.

2.  Doing it on your own.
  • Being a landlord can be a full time job, and requires a certain skillset, and having certain repour of Authority with the tenants. We do this full time and will take the problems off you mind.

3.  Not thoroughly screening tenants.
  • We have multiple ways of vetting tenants and we use 3rd party company.

4.  Being too nice and getting taken advantage of.

5.  Not keeping up on regular maintenance of the property.

Home and Country Realty, LLC

4918 Main st. ste 8A, Springhill, TN 37174

Michael Trigona
Home and Country Realty
ABR, SFR, Property Mgr, Broker

TN License Number: 300365